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Main destinations for our tourist entertainers Golden wave

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Tourist entertainer destinations greece

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In this article we will show you all the main destinations for our tourist entertainers of Golden Wave.

Hotel in Greece: Rhodes and Crete.

Total number of hotels 25.
Tourist Entertainer : Terms
Languages Required: English, French, German, Scandinavian, Russian, Italian.
Availability period: April October
Passport and documents: Only for European citizens.
Age between 18 and 35 years of age.
European Regular Contract with Greek Company.
Working hours: 36/40 hours per week
Free Day: 24 hours per week
Bonus Flight: Euro 200 exclusively for those who agree whole period.
Food and Accomodation: Free

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Animateur Jobs in Europa

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Ferienjob in Griechenland, Spanien, Italien und Bulgarien

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Du möchtest gerne als Animateur für einige Monate ins Ausland gehen und dort viele neue Erfahrungen sammeln? Der Gedanke daran, in einem wunderschönen Urlaubsland für gute Laune zu sorgen, lässt dich strahlen? Dann hast du mit der Agentur, die wir dir hier vorstellen wollen, die Möglichkeit, genau das Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen! Werde Teil eines italienischen, spanischen, bulgarischen oder griechischen Animationsteams und arbeite für mehrere Monate dort, wo andere Urlaub machen.

Über die Animationsagentur
Die Agentur, die wir hier vorstellen, ist seit über 10 Jahren in der Tourismusbranche tätig und dabei durch die europäischen Rechtnormen anerkannt. Als internationaler Anbieter für Entertainment und touristische Unterstützung bietet sie ihren Animateuren dabei die Möglichkeit, bei innovativen und abwechslungsreichen Unterhaltungsprogrammen mitzuwirken und sich ganz seinen Stärken nach einzubringen. Ob in Griechenland, Spanien, Italien oder Bulgarien, vermittelt dich diese Agentur außerdem nur an ihre Hotels der 5-Sterne Kategorie.

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Tourist entertainer, hotel entertainer | Golden wave animation tourism

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Golden wave animation tourism

Golden Wave Events and Animation is a society of international recruiting for tourist entertainers abroad. Golden Wave Tourist Entertainers, after being accurately selected, interviewed and casted will obtain a job in hotel, resorts or holiday villages all over Europe.

Selection, Interview, CastingVIDEO!

In order to become a Golden Wave Tourist Entertainer Abroad for Hotels, resorts, and Holiday Villages the first, simple thing to do is to navigate into any search engine and type in our site WEBSITE Once in our portal we suggest to search carefully every page to have a first impression of what is like to work as a tourist entertainer.

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DiscoClub, Ristoranti, Escursioni, Eventi Rodi Grecia

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Discoteche, Ristoranti, Escursioni, Eventi Rodi Grecia

La società Golden Wave organizza da ben 10 anni eventi e divertimento sull'isola di Rodi in Grecia.

Organizza il tuo Evento Privato a Rodi in Grecia con noi. Scegli Golden Wave. 




Quest'anno hai deciso di fare la tua vacanza a Rodi?

Ti stai già preoccupando dove e come passerai la tua vacanza? Questo non è un problema la nostra società organizza eventi da più di 10 anni ed abbiamo i nostri responsabili in loco che ti guideranno per tutto il tuo soggiorno.

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Golden Wave sucht Animateure für Villages und Resorts in Italien und im Ausland für die Sommersaison 2018. Die Animationsagentur Golden Wave ist eine internationale Agentur für Entertainment und touristische Unterstützung, anerkannt durch die europäischen Rechtsnormen und seit über 10 Jahren in der Tourismusbranche tätig. Unsere Animateure erhalten einen Saisonvertrag. Alle unsere Hotels haben die 5-Sterne Kategorie und befinden sich in Griechenland, Spanien, Italien und Bulgarien.

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Tourist entertainer, hotel animator - Golden Wave Animatori

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Tourist entertainer Golden Wave


 Golden Wave is a leading international hospitality recruitment and executive search firm. We have recruitment experience in hotels, resorts, restaurants, spa, private clubs, casinos and private clients. Our hospitality industry clients include properties and facilities in every part of Europe especially in Greece, Spain, Egypt, Italy and Bulgaria. No matter which sector of hospitality you belong, our recruiters can help with delivering expertise to you. Our professionalism is based on our competence in hotel entertainment and on our deep and always up-to-date knowledge of the specific and dynamic context of the markets worldwide. Our teams are able to organize sports or fitness to work with children or simply communicate with the guests of the hotel. Team Leader is the person that organize the program for the entire team. We plan also evening entertainment with professional shows. There is a wide range of entertainment dance performances, musicals, comedy shows, game shows, dancing with children and more.

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Tourist entertainer, tourist entertainment, hotel animator | Apply on line

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Tourist entertainer Golden Wave

Tourist Entertainer: Apply for Jobs Online . With a click you can send us your curriculum vitae. CLICK HERE!!!

Best online website for tourist enteriner in Spain, Greece and Bulgaria. Find a job with us we are in search of chief entertainer, choreographers, dancers, sports animators, contact animators, mini club animators, fitness animators, zumba instructors.

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Sport Animator | Open Jobs 2018/2019

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Sport Animator 

Open Jobs 2018/2019



Sports Animator is one of the main elements of the animation team.
The sports animator is responsible for sports activities within the tourist hotel.

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Rodi grecia: vita notturna, discoteche e bar | Golden wave eventi

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Rodi grecia: vita notturna, discoteche e bar 


Quest'anno hai deciso di venire a fare un salto a Rodi in Grecia? Rodi, la maggiore delle isole dell’arcipelago del Dodecanneso è un’isola meravigliosa, ricca di storia,
pittoreschi villaggi e bellissime spiagge e Non Solo! Rodi è una fantastica meta per giovani soprattutto nel periodo di luglio ed Agosto.
Ti è mai capitato di andare in vacanze ed i primi giorni spendere soldi unitili perchè non sei pratico della tua destinazione.

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Animation Hotel: Fitness Animator

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Animation Hotel: Fitness Animator


We are looking for certified fitness instructors in English and German to be included in our hotel facilities in Spain and Greece.

Fitness Animator: Job Description:

The fitness animator is a professional of physical activity, with lots of patents and certifications, which within the tourist village is responsible for managing the physical activity
and gymnastics that serves to keep fit and to relax guests on holiday .Here are listed the physical activities that generally take place in a tourist village:

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Tourist entertainer, jobs, hotels, destinations, description - Golden Wave

Golden Wave, tourist entertainer - hotel 

Golden Wave destinations are constantly spreading all over the EU-ground. With Golden Wave you can become a Tourist entertainer even without experience, and you can receive job offers as Tourist Entertainer Abroad. Our entertainment operators will have the opportunity to work abroad and candidate for positions as Tourist Entertainer in Spain, Tourist Entertainer in Greece, Tourist Entertainer for Italian holiday villages, Tourist Entertainer in the Canary Ilands, Tourist Entertainer in the Caribbean and many other most touristic places and countries.
The tourist entertainer position is a relatively recent profession. The Tourist Entertainer job is normally conducted in holiday places like resorts, holiday villages, hotels, where diurnal and nocturnal entertainment for the tourist in the hotel facility is requested.

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Tourist Entertainer | Jobs

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 upload here your cv! 


Tourist Entertainer: Who is it?

The tourist entertainer takes care of entertainment in the free time and the general wellbeing of the customers in the resorts.
The entertainers works wherever tourists stay: tourist villages, hotels, cruises, holiday resorts.
There is no such figure of a type of entertainers. Everyone has his or her specializations: sports, music, entertainment, etc.
Apart from these more technical activities, one of the fundamental tasks of the tourism promoter is to encourage human relationships, to act as a great mediator between the people
present in the tourist structure. Some animators are called "contact", just because they have the exclusive function of organizing parties, games, in short, to create group relationships.

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