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Animatore Turistico | Lavora all'estero per la stagione estiva 2020

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Animatore Turistico. Lavora all'estero per la stagione estiva 2020.

Sei nella sessione dei Blog. Per inviare una tua candidatura devi entrare nel nostro sito e home page. Ecco qui il link animatorhoteljobs.com. Stanco delle solite proposte? Stanco di dover partecipare ai soliti stage e casting a pagamento senza ricevere un lavoro reale?Lavora come Animatore Turistico con la nostra società Golden Wave di Animazione Turistica. Le nostre destinazioni Spagna,Grecia,Cipro,Italia,Bulgaria e per i piu' fortunati anche oltreoceano. 

Animatore Turistico partenze per la stagione estiva 2020.

La società di Animazione Turistica Golden Wave ricerca personale ed animatori da inserire nei nostri villaggi turistici in Cipro,Spagna,Grecia ed Italia. Ricerchiamo le seguenti figure: Capi Animazione con esperienza, Coreografi, Scenografi, Istruttori sportivi, Istruttori Fitness certificati e Animatori prima esperienza.I candidati devono essere in possesso di un passaporto europeo valido con una scadenza di almeno di un anno dopo la propria candidatura. Le lingue richieste sono l'inglese, italiano, russo, tedesco o francese. La conoscenza di altre lingue puo' essere presa in considerazione. Maggiore è il livello di conoscenza maggiore è la possibilità di ottenere benefici contrattuali. La disponibilità lavorativa deve essere almeno di tre mesi a partire dal mese di Aprile dell'anno 2020. La tua prima esperienza lavorativa con la nostra società di Animazione Turistica non ti concede la possibilità di segliere la destinazione. La società Golden Wave, in base alle tue esperienze e capacità linguistiche ed ovviamente alle nostre esigenze in base alla vostra disponibilità lavorativa,  assegnerà entro tre giorni la destinazione ed offrirà un contratto di lavoro per la meta assegnata.


Tourist Entertainer : Show,Dancer and belly dance.

002 golden wave animation

Tourist Entertainer : Show,Dancer and belly dance.

Yoanna stumbled onto belly Dancing in 2006 in her quest to find an dance that was fun rather than a chore, and she has never looked back. She not only stumbled upon it, but fell in love with this beautiful elegant and timeless art. Years later she realized that she is involved with the art, and she never stopped doing it.Gallery belly dance

Now she has more than 10 years experience in the professional Belly dance.From the small to the big stage,she entertain with powerful and touching music and feminine mysterious belly dance moves.

Going true the different styles of the belly dance and music,she created impacting style showing the audience the real art of belly dance. 


Job offers as tourist entertainer

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Work as a tourist entertainer. Golden Wave

This is the blog section. Golden Wave company recruits tourist entertainers for the most important tourism companies in the world. Send us your application through our form and within 24 hours we will contact you for a real job offer. Press the link below and send your Cv.

Available Jobs 2020

Are you still looking for a tourist entertainment agency that gives you the possibility to choose your destination? Are you tired of receiving the same job offers that you don't convent? What are you waiting send us your Curriculum Vitae. Choose your destination between Spain, Canary Islands, Greece, Cyprus and Italy. We offer you salaries from 650 € up to 1000€ for the first experience. 


Tourist entertainers : How to get a job?

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Tourist entertainers : How to get a job? 

"Golden Wave" is looking for tourist entertainers to be included in their resorts in Greece, Spain, Bulgaria.Our selections and casting of our tourist entertainers
Departures for different destinations start at the end of March of every year.
We are looking for the following tourist entertainers:Team Leader, fitness instructors, choreographers, mini club animators, sports animators and dancers.
Tour leaders must know at least one other language, such as German, French, English, Russian or Scandinavian. If you want get a job as tourist entertainers and you have between 18 and 35 years, send us your application form.With one click joins the golden wave staff.
From here start your experience, work with fun and travel in the best islands of Spain, Greece and Bulgaria.


Professional tourism entertainment, booking managment artist, events planning expert.

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Golden Wave is a company that recruits and trains tourist entertainers.

Golden Wave is in direct contact with three present companies that have been in the tourism animation sector for over twenty years. Their partners are recognized at European level as one of the most reliable companies in the field of international tourism and professional entertainment.

Professional tourism entertainment, booking managment artist, events planning expert.

Golden Wave has recognized the exclusivity of providing experienced tourists animators for the Spanish territory company Acttiv and in the Greek territory with the company Remarc.004 In addition, Golden Wave selects native German speaking animators for one of the German multinationals in the tourism sector Alltours. Golden Wave in collaboration with the company ProfessioneAnimatore exclusively deals with the formation of tourist entertainers and guarantee the utmost sincerity, professionalism towards males and females who want to embark on this fantastic world of tourist animation.
Golden Wave guarantees maximum assistance from the moment they receive the candidate's curriculum vitae. Furthermore, they guarantee safe and truthful work in every way.


Hotel cerca animatori turistici : Golden Wave Animazione Turistica

about us

Hotel cerca animatori turistici.

Sei alla ricerca di animatori turistici? Vuoi affidarti ad un'agenzia internazionale che ricerca per te animatori turistici che parlano diverse lingue oltre all'italiano? La società Golden Wave è alla ricerca dicontact us hotel internazionali nel territorio italiano. Sei un' hotel manager e ricerchi un'azienda affidabile di animazione turistica? La società Golden Wave è un'agenzia di animazione turistica internazionale che cerca hotel in cui inserire team per un minimo di 5 animatori turistici. Sei un' hotel manager di hotel turistici in trentino o rimini e cerchi per la stagione estiva un'agenzia che soddisfi il tuo servizio?

Cosa aspetti contattaci e scoprirai di più riguardo ai nostri servizi e ai nostri animatori turistici.

Golden Wave è un'azienda che propone numerose offerte di collaborazione per hotels che ricercano animatori turistici durante la stagione estiva e invernale. Società Leader nel settore dell'intrattenimento turistico la Golden Wave è in totale espansione in questi paesi europei tra cui Italia, Spagna, Grecia e Bulgaria.
La società Golden Wave si occupa di reclutare e formare animatori turistici da inserire negli hotels e nei resorts.


Tourist entertainers, tourist entertainment, golden wave entertainers

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Tourist entertainers. Open Jobs Available. 

"Golden Wave" tourist entertainment company for hotels in Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Malta is looking for Tourist Entertainers to be included in their facilities.  How to become a Tourist entertainers. Becoming a Tourist Entertainers is not difficult. The first thing to do is visit our website. Send your curriculum or application form found in the contact section of our WEBSITE. contact usSoon one of our managers will contact you and make a first online interview. From now on everything will become easier, fun and fantastic. Our human resources managers will explain to you all how to become a tourist entertainer soon.  Obviously, if you are a beginner you will need some experience over the years to achieve great goals. But nothing is lost, everything has a start. What are you waiting for send us your CURRICULUM VITAE and become an HOTEL Entertainers of "Golden Wave". Fantastic destinations all over Europe await your experience.


Tourist entertainer company - hotels and resort abroad

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Tourist entertainer company.

Golden Wave company has an experience of many years in the tourist entertainer industry. It is more and more attentive in choosing its customers and valuate the best job offers for tourist contact usentertainer to be transferred in hotel facilities abroad as hotels, resorts and villages. Golden Wave is a legal  company in the EU Community. As any other EU agency Golden Wave recognizes every legal document necessary for our hotel facilities and for our tourist entertainers who want to move abroad. Golden Wave company is specialized in searching and training of tourist entertainers. All tourist entertainers are selected all over Europe and must have a valid passport as european citziens.

Golden wave company : Recruitment of tourist entertainer

The selected personnel is invited to pass the procedure or training before reaching our tourist facilities. Golden Wave’s selection procedure, tailored by an experienced pool, has the aim to train the staff by the means of its free stages, in which tourist entertainers are trained and proofed over every tourist entertainer activity.


Tourist entertainers: the 5 most beautiful beaches where to work

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Here are the 5 most beautiful beaches.   

Tourist entertainers visit the beach "Balos lagoon - Creete" Our tourist entertainers who will have CREETE as their destination will have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful beaches of the islandcontact us including The Balos lagoon is the first of Crete's unmissable places. It is located near the towns of Hania and Kissamos. You will find Caribbean sea, unspoiled nature and fine sandy beaches. The sea is calm and the seabed is very low near the beach. About ten meters from the coast they become deeper and are suitable for diving. It is one of the cormorant nesting sites and where it is possible to meet the Caretta caretta sea turtle.

Tourist entertainers visit the beach "Lindos beach - Rhodes"

Our tourist entertainers who will have RHODES as their destination will have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful beaches of the island including 


Lavora come PR per discoteche all'estero | Golden wave eventi


Lavora come esperto di pubbliche Relazioni

La società Golden Wave è alla ricerca di 10 figure professionali specializzati in pubbliche relazionicontact us e vendita biglietti per discoteche all'estero. La società Golden Wave oltre ad essere un’agenzia di animazione turistica e booking management recluta PR per discoteche all'estero. In tutti questi anni La Golden Wave ha organizzato più di 100 eventi con artisti di calibro internazionale e deejay che rientrano nella classifica dei migliori 100 deejay più famosi al mondo.

Ricerchiamo esperti in pubbliche relazioni per discoteche e locali in grecia e spagna.

Gli Eventi più importanti che abbiamo sostenuto nella pubblicizzazione con le nostre squadre di pubbliche relazioni, sono stati per deejay come Steve Angello, Sven Vath, Swedish House Mafia, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Morales, Armin Van Buuren, Alesso e tanti altri.


Tourist Entertainers, hotel animator | Rhodes Island Golden Wave

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Tourist Entertainers

Want to work in Rhodes Island in the summer of 2018/2019? contact usGolden Wave is looking for German, French and Scandinavian ANIMATORS for hotels in Rhodes. Golden Wave Entertainment recruits tourist entertainers for hotels in Rhodes Island - Greece! In order to become a Golden Wave Tourist Entertainer Abroad for Hotels, resorts, and Holiday Villages the first simple thing to do is to navigate into any search engine and type in your your application + CV in our webiste.The CV must be sent in English language because the most part of the managers in the hotel speak and read english. The Tourist Entertainer CV must have 2 ID photos (one close-up, one entire figure). Try to find the best and best-detailed photos so that a manager can have a clear idea of your profile.


Tourist entertainer, hotel animator, hotel manager | Golden Wave entertainer

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Tourist entertainment company

Are you a hotel manager? contact usAre you looking for tourist entertainers? Have you not found the agency that meets your entertainment service yet? The Golden Wave is a service company that deals internationally with selecting, recruiting and training tourist entertainers. 

Business contact I'm Hotel Manager.Golden Wave

Golden Wave is a company that proposes job offers for tourist entertainers in structures as hotels, resorts and holiday villages abroad during both winter and summer seasons. Leader company in the tourist industry.