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Professional tourism entertainment, booking managment artist, events planning expert.

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Golden Wave is a company that recruits and trains tourist entertainers.

Golden Wave is in direct contact with three present companies that have been in the tourism animation sector for over twenty years. Their partners are recognized at European level as one of the most reliable companies in the field of international tourism and professional entertainment.

Professional tourism entertainment, booking managment artist, events planning expert.

Golden Wave has recognized the exclusivity of providing experienced tourists animators for the Spanish territory company Acttiv and in the Greek territory with the company Remarc.004 In addition, Golden Wave selects native German speaking animators for one of the German multinationals in the tourism sector Alltours. Golden Wave in collaboration with the company ProfessioneAnimatore exclusively deals with the formation of tourist entertainers and guarantee the utmost sincerity, professionalism towards males and females who want to embark on this fantastic world of tourist animation.
Golden Wave guarantees maximum assistance from the moment they receive the candidate's curriculum vitae. Furthermore, they guarantee safe and truthful work in every way.

Why send the curriculum to the company Golden Wave?

First of all, Golden Wave is in immediate contact with the human resource department of the above companies. Not all curriculum vitae's are always considered. Golden Wave are in close contact with the company ProfessioneAnimatore which takes care of the candidate even from the moment the candidate sends their curriculum vitae.
Sometimes the curriculum vitae are long and inefficient for what the tourist animation companies are interested in reading. Sometimes it is better to rely on the application forms that are found in the touristprofessional tourism entertainment animation websites that send their curriculum vitae. (read more here and download the application form here).
Remember that becoming apart of the world of tourism animation is not just sea, beach and tanning. The work of a tourist animator is a professional figure of contact, action and art in a tourist village.  First experience tourist animators must have some characteristics in dance, singing, sport, fitness or a creative person.  More importantly they must be eager to be in contact with the public.

So, why Golden Wave?

Once we receive your resume you will be contacted immediately and you will have an initial telephone interview or email. Our operators will ask you for basic information after which they will invite you to follow a three-day itinerary for you to receive information and instructions regarding the world of tourism.

Why participate in a tourist animation course?

The tourist animation course gives you the opportunity to get to know the people you are starting a career with. You will be in touch with experts in the field who will teach you how to organize tourist animation programs for children and adults, how to connect audio and light systems, how to conduct an evening at the microphone and many other activities that take place in a village tourist. Beware, the tourist animator is a real job.

So, Why count on the golden wave?

Golden Wave will provide you with bureaucratic and contractual assistance. Remember that you choose the experience of the tourist animator in villages abroad. Most of the time the destination is not always your country of origin, so it is important to start this line of work in the best way possible, to be informed and assisted during the whole working period.012
What are the best characteristics when it becomes part of the tourism animation?
The first characteristic of becoming part of the tourist animation is to be a sociable, extroverted person, ready to work in a group or in a team of other tourist animators. The other essential that you are aware of languages such as English, French, German, Scandinavian or Russian. More and more "tourist animation companies" try to create their own evening shows and increase the quality of the show. Other required features are dance, singing and acting. Finally, we call the other features that give you the opportunity to become part of the tourist animation are:
- Ability to organize activities for children
- Possibility to organize fitness and zumba classes
- Ability to organize sports activities etc.

Links, social and websites.

For more than ten years we have certified our work and published on our social networks and on our websites. On the Italian territory we are present with the website www.goldenwaveanimation.com on the Greek territory and the rest of Europe with the website www.animatorhoteljobs.com while on the German territory with the website www.arbeitalsanimateur.de.
Now let's move on to our strengths we have a Facebook page of over 27,000 followers Golden Wave Entertainment. Facebook group with over 8,000 members called Tourist Entertainer Abroad. Instagram page of over of 7000 followers Golden Wave Entertainment. Linkedin page over of 5000 connections Golden Wave Entertainment.



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