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Tourist Entertainer, Hotel Entertainer.

Tourist Entertainer. Golden Wave is a society of international recruiting for tourist entertainers abroad. Golden Wave Tourist Entertainers, after being accurately selected, interviewed and casted will obtain a job in hotel, resorts or holiday villages all over Europe. Send your cv.

Job offers as Tourist Entertainer.  

Job offers with immediate departures for Tourist Entertainers with or without experience, children entertainers, sport entertainers, fitness entertainers, coreographers for tourist entertainers, tourist entertainers fluent in English, French, German, Russian and Italian, tourist entertainers in Spain, greece, Italy, Bulgaria, novice tourist entertainers at their first experience, chiefs for tourist entertainer staffs, tourist entertainers abroad. 

Tourist Entertainer. Job role description.

Experience is not required to become a tourist entertainer: being a friendly and active perosn is enough! You will have the chance to join little teams made of 4-5 tourist entertainers or bigger teams of 20-30 people.

Chief Tourist Entertainer, Team Leader, Supervisior with experience: organises the whole entertaining team and the entertaining program.
Sport Entertainer with or without experience: organises Sport Activities and tournaments in beachvolley, soccer, table tennis, darts, waterpolo.
Fitness Instructor with or without experience: organises fitness activities like stretching, yoga, aerobics, pilates, aquagym, zumba.

Tourist Entertainer. 

Children Entertainer with or without experience: organises games and activities for children aged between 4 and 12 years old.
Coreographer, Dancer with experience: prepares evening shows and dance lessons.
DJ, Visual and Sound Technician: the person in charge of the visual and sound material during diurnal and nocturnal programs
Scenographer and Decorator with experience. 

Curriculum Vitae.

The Tourist Entertainer CV must have 2 ID photos (one close-up, one entire figure). Try to find the best and best-detailed photos so that a manager can have a clear idea of your profile. Once you have sent your CV, the Human Resource Management will receive your e-mail. if your CV and pictures meet our recruiting standards  you will receive a confirmation of the iter. At this stage your CV is in our database. In case you won’t receive any mail, it means your profile doens’t meet the demand of the hotel managers. 

Interview to become a Golden Wave Tourist Entertainer in Hotel.

Once you have passed these first two steps, our Golden Wave Tourist Entertainment Agency will contact you. Our Human Resource Manager, once accurately examined your CV, will write an e-mail to better know each other and will invite you to have a first Interview online, to discuss our agency’s main targets and your future as a Tourist Entertainer in Golden Wave hotels, resorts or holiday villages.