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Tourist Entertainer: Golden Wave

This is Blog Section. To send your Cv and your Application you have to click www.animatorhoteljobs.com. Golden Wave company recruits tourist entertainers for the most important tourism companies in the world. Send us your application through our form and within 24 hours we will contact you for a real job offer. Immediate departure. Minimum Availability 3 months. Salaries between 650 € up to 1200 €. What are you waiting for. Send us your application and you will receive a job offer with the best tourist entertainment companies. No Fee Agency

READ ABOUT INTERWIES, CASTING AND STAGES TO BECOME AN TOURISTIC ENTERTAINER.Do you know about Hotel Touristic Animator? Golden Wave is a company that deals with the recruitment of international professional animators. Animators of Golden Wave after a careful selection, interview and casting will be offered a job in different hotels, resorts or villages situated throughout Europe.

 Selection, Interview and Casting.

To become a Golden Wave animator, the first simple thing to do is to type in our address or website on any search engine www.goldenwaveanimation.com www.animatorhoteljobs.com. Once you have been redirected into our portal we highly recommend to investigate all our pages to get a first idea of ​​what can be the actual job of an Animator.

If you are even more interested after what you have read on our website, now you should head to our contact us section where you can enter your personal information and attach your curriculum. Some of the keynotes on how to fill-in a good CV to become an entertainer of Golden Wave are; the CV must be written in English because most of their destinations are outside of Italy and the managers of the hotels have a proper knowledge of English. The CV must have two pictures included, a close-up picture and a full body picture. Try to find the best photos and of excellent quality so that a hotel manager can 'have a complete idea of your profile. Your path to becoming an Animator of Golden Wave is at a good point at this stage. After you send your Curriculum our Human Resource Department will receive your email and if your CV and photos have all the above-mentioned characteristics you will receive an email confirmation of a positive outcome and that your CV has been accepted into our database. If you do not receive any email it means that your profile does not meet our required criteria.

Interview to become an Animator of Golden Wave.

Once you get beyond these two steps you usually get contacted by a recruitment company, in our case Golden Wave. Once our Human Resources manager has thoroughly reviewed your CV an email will be sent to you and a first on lines interview will be organized so the goals of the company and your future job as animator can be discussed.After the first online interview, it will be at the discretion of our Human Resource managers to decide whether you should participate in a casting organized by us or get immediate departure as an Entertainer in one of our hotels. Most Casting will be carried out in Italy or in major European cities for a period of three days. Keep in mind that if you are going to attend one of our castings you are at 99% a hotel entertainer of Golden Wave.

Become an touristic entertainer. 

The real impression we give to our Human Resource department has a simple feel and the system that sometimes differs from other agencies that create a complex system of selection and casting that sometimes seem unapproachable. Becoming a Golden Wave Animator should be positive for both sides. The animator must be motivated, disciplined, serious, polite, and then with great desire to interact with their staff members. He/she must consider the customer as a friend on vacation with the desire to meet him every day of their holiday.Some secrets from people who performed the role of entertainers for more than 15 years and now businessman are; many tourist agencies organize animation casting exclusively for a business matter and not with the intent of finding a job for an energetic and ambitious boy or girl. This is inappropriate.Most of these companies do not have any hotel or at most have a receptive frame of 5 entertainers but to make a living, they need to organize castings all year with paid internships. Our intention to organize a casting is to personally know our aspiring candidates which is very important for both sides. Our role in the casting is not the usual time when we are ready to take a group photo where everyone jumps or hugs each other, there will be one, but our main goal is to explain all the details and to give you at 360° information from the time when you close the door of your house and you arrive in our hotel. What you are going to do, your duties, your set time schedule, your wages and your insurance. Most likely not investing in this step, or in our Casting or animator internship, Golden Wave does not carry much benefits. Imagine you pack your bags and excited to leave behind all your old world, you arrive at the airport and already there the first unexpected expenses for excessive weight of your luggage and no one informed you. Imagine if you choose a company that does not organize your transfer from the airport to your hotel. Imagine other expenses because maybe an agency like ours will welcome you upon your arrival, or inform you that there is a bus ride which costs less than a taxi. Imagine if you have never taken part in any casting or have been misinformed and upon your arrival in your chosen hotel, you find everything completely different from what you expected. Your fist action will be to pack-up everything and leave including paying your return ticket at your own expenses. Think about all these lines above and we hope that we have been of help with Us or any other agency you will want to take-up this experience of been an Animator.

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The meeting can be organized in one of our office or in your hotel. It is also possible to meet the responsible of Golden Wave Events & Animation and organize business meeting during following World Tourism Fairs: ITB Berlin,TTG Rimini,BIT Milan. 

www.animatorhoteljobs.com www.arbeitalsanimateur.de www.goldenwaveanimation.com 



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