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Main destinations for our tourist animators" Golden wave".Animation Job Destinations Bulgary Sunny Beach.In this article we will show you all the main destinations for our Golden Wave contact usanimators.  Sunny Beach also known as "Ibiza of the East" a real gem for those who love the good life and the most exciting and unbridled fun. Sunny Beach is an incremental and "transgressive" place, a well-amalgamated set of pubs, discos, discos, bars, hotels and restaurants that overlook a beach that stretches for about 8 km. The seafront area is full of discopubs and clubs that adopt 2 × 1 drinks with moderate mold figures.Hotels and nightclubs, although detached from each other, are easily accessible on foot. In recent years, it is increasingly a favorite tourist destination for young people, singles, groups,men and women, young and old who want to have fun. Sunny Beach is much cheaper than the usual Ibiza, Mykonos,

Rimini, Riccione, Sharm and Corfu. Not only Hotel, but a range of offers of accommodation in Sunny Beach: Apartments, Resorts, Guest Houses, Holiday Homes, Resorts, Villas, Tourist Villages, Hostels, Campsites and Bed and Breakfast. Enter your arrival / departure dates that may interest you and discover all our fantastic offers. We advise you to make a reservation directly online, you will be thus protected from bad surprises.


Hotel in Bulgary. Sunny Beach.

Total number of hotels 5. Tourist Entertainer : Terms

Languages Required: German, Availability period: May October,Passport and documents: Only for European citizens,Age between 18 and 35 years of age,European Regular Contract with Bulgarian Company, Working hours: 36/40 hours per week,Free Day: 24 hours per week,Bonus Flight: Euro 200 exclusively for those who agree whole period,Food and Accomodation: Free

Bulgaria, officially the Republic of Bulgaria is a Member State of the European Union located in the middle east of the Balkan peninsula. Bulgaria is situated in the eastern part of the Balkan peninsula and borders to the north with Romania, from which (for most of the border) it separates the Danube river, to the west with Serbia and Macedonia, to the south with Greece and Turkey , and overlooks the Black Sea to the east. The borders have a total length of 1,808 km, while the coasts extend for 354 km. The land area of 110.994 km² places it at 105th place by extension worldwide.

The major Bulgarian cities. What can discover our Tourist Animators ?

Sofia, Plovdiv,Varna.

Tourism activity has been stimulated since the socialist era as a source of precious foreign currencies; the seaside resorts on the Black Sea and the ski resorts on the Balkans were visited by tourists from 012other Eastern bloc countries. In recent years, the renovation of tourist infrastructures to bring them to western standards has continued and is still ongoing. Bulgaria offers destinations for different types of activities; there are seaside and ski resorts, spa areas, hunting reserves and numerous monuments and natural parks. Investments in the sector have resulted in an increase in the number of tourists. In September 2006, the number of foreign visitors amounted to 4,267,461 people, 5.39% more than the previous year; of these 3,668,312 chose Bulgaria as a holiday destination or for leisure visits. In the first eight months of 2006 the sector's revenues amounted to 1,557,200 million euros, with a 5.45% increase compared to the same period of the previous year.

Most tourists come from Germany (491.897).

The goals.

The most popular seaside resorts on the Black Sea are Sozopol, Nesebăr, the Zlatni pjasăci, the Slănčev brjag, Albena and the center Saints Constantine and Helena, while among the ski resorts the most frequented destinations, mainly by British tourists, are Borovec, Bansko , Pamporovo, Vitoša and Velingrad. In addition to the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo are the monasteries, the most famous of which is the Rila monastery.

International airports. Where they have to land our Tourist Animators?

Burgas,Gorna Orjahovica,Plovdiv,Sofia ,Dimitrov,Stara Zagora ,Varna,Vidin