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Hotel Animator: Jobs and Destinations.

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Hotel Animator : Offer Jobs Available

This is the blog section. Please send us your Cv and your Application Form through our official website www.animatorhoteljobs.com. Golden Wave company recruits Hotel Animators for the most important tourism companies in the world. Send us your application through our form and within 24 hours we will contact you for a real job offer. Press the link below and send your Cv. No Fee Agency 

 Offer Jobs Available 2020

"Golden Wave" tourist entertainment company for hotels in Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Italy is looking for HOTEL ANIMATORS to be included in their facilities. How to become a Tourist Animator. Becoming a Tourist Animator is not difficult. The first thing to do is visit our website. Send your curriculum or application form found in the contact section of our WEBSITE www.animatorhoteljobs.com . Soon one of our managers will contact you and make a first online interview.From now on everything will become easier, fun and fantastic. 

 Hotel Animator: Job opportunities and destinations.

Our human resources managers will explain to you all how to become a tourist animator soon. Obviously, if you are a beginner you will need some experience over the years to achieve great goals. But nothing is lost, everything has a start. What are you waiting for send us your CURRICULUM VITAE and become an HOTEL ANIMATOR of "Golden Wave".Fantastic destinations all over Europe await your experience.

Hotel Animator : Jobs Opportunities.

Golden Wave destinations are constantly spreading all over the EU-ground. With Golden Wave you can become a Tourist entertainer even without experience, and you can receive job offers as Tourist Entertainer Abroad. Our entertainment operators will have the opportunity to work abroad and candidate for positions as Tourist Entertainer in Spain, Tourist Entertainer in Greece, Tourist Entertainer for Italian holiday villages, Tourist Entertainer in the Canary Ilands, Tourist Entertainer in the Caribbean and many other most touristic  places and countries. The tourist entertainer position is a relatively recent profession. The Tourist Entertainer job is normally conducted in holiday places like  resorts, holiday villages, hotels, where diurnal and nocturnal entertainment for the tourist in the hotel facility is requested. 
The Tourist Entertainer, in the hotel, takes care of its customers during the whole day, assisting and offering different kinds of activities trying to make their staying the more enjoyable possible. The tourist Entertainer Abroad job is a teamwork: autonomy is limited by the entertainment program edited by the entertainment manager. Golden Wave is a society searching for tourist entertainers with or withour experienxe with winter and summer departures in 4- and 5-star hotels and hotel chains all over Europe. In this section you will find some of our hotels and main destinations all over Europe where the Tourist Entertainer will conduct his work.

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Send your cv at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. visit all our websites www.animatorhoteljobs.com www.arbeitalsanimateur.de www.goldenwaveanimation.com