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Casting Online | Tourist Entertainer, Hotel Staff.

Casting Online For Hotel Staff and Tourist Entertainer.

Tourist Entertainer and Hotel Staff Video Zoom Meeting Link Click Here

Golden Wave is inviting in a Reunion in Zoom. 

Object: Casting Online 9th March 2022 Entertainers/Hotel Staff

Time: 9 mar 2022 03:00 PM German Time

Enter in the Reunion:Here Entra Qui

ID riunione: 936 0293 5331 Passcode: wYusD6

Tourist Entertainer and Hotel Staff: Casting Online.

Tourist Entertainer and Hotel Staff 2022. As every year we are ready to organize Casting Online through the best social platforms: Zoom or Skype. In this Blog there will always be an updated link for our castings which will have a frequency of every 15 days starting from every 10 January. The figures we are looking for are: Tourist Entertainers, Receptionnist, Guest Relation, Lifeguards for Pool and Sea, Pasta and Pizza Chef, Bartender, Housekeeping.

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Hotel Entertainer, Hotel Staff: Jobs Available Summer 2022

Hotel Entertainer, Hotel Staff: Jobs Available Summer 2022

Golden Wave recruits and hires Entertainers, Pasta Chefs, Pizza makers, Receptionists and Guest Relations. From 1st. February 2022 we invite you to participate in our Interview Day in Zoom. Require the Link here or through our socials. We offer jobs for Greece, Spain and Bulgaria. 

Hotel Entertainer, Hotel Staff: Jobs.  

We are ready to start over with the right energy. After a historic year, starting from 5 February 2022, online interviews and casting will resume in various European cities. We are looking for and recruiting Entertainers, Receptionists,Chef Pasta, pizzaioli and Guest relations for the current summer season. 

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My passion for music begins when I was 11: my parents bring me to Much More, one of the most famous discos in Rome.It’s just there, in a new world full of music and colors, that I decide what I want to become: a DJ!
Some years later, I go seeing Dmc, the world djs championship, in London. Cash Money, the winner, inspires me to work hard in order to create so- mething that allows me to leave my unique personal mark. In 1991, after winning Riccione Walky Cup Competiton, I take part to Ita- lian Dmc, gaining the second place with foreign jury members’ praise, as they would have chosen me as the Italian representative in the world. Then it begins the great period with Radio Deejay and Deejay Time staff.
In this radio broadcast I express my creativity in various dedicated shows, like “Prezioso goes to Hollywood”, “Disco Prezioso”, “Radio Cassa Dritta” and “Deejay Parade”.During the period spent with Radio Deejay, I show my talent in front of over 10.000 people coming to New Year’s Eve parties at Assago (Milan) Forum and Turin Palastampa.Besides the partnership with Jovanotti, that quotes me in his hit “Tempo - Prezioso”, together with my brother Andrea and Marvin I produce many singles that, starting from “Tell me why”, arrive to international charts tops. My talent is recognized abroad too: after Zurich Street Parade and Ber- lin Love Parade, I participate to the German event Dome, where my per- formance takes place before Mariah Carey’s one, in front of more than 20.000 people.In 2007 I start my partnership with All Music tv channel, where I create absurd mash ups for Blister broadcast.In the same year I begin a new radio adventure with M2o, where I currently host Prezioso in action, on air from Monday to Friday from 3 to 4 PM.
I collaborate with Fabio Volo in his “Volo in diretta”, taking care of remixing in video all Rai 3 channel broadcasts.