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Hotel Entertainer: Who is it?

The hotel entertainer takes care of entertainment in the free time and the general wellbeing of the customers in the resorts. The entertainers works wherever tourists stay: tourist villages, hotels, cruises, holiday resorts. There is no such figure of a type of entertainers.

Everyone has his or her specializations: sports, music, entertainment, etc. Apart from these more technical activities, one of the fundamental tasks of the tourism promoter is to encourage human relationships, to act as a great mediator between the people present in the tourist structure. Some animators are called "contact", just because they have the exclusive function of organizing parties, games, in short, to create group relationships.

Hotel Entertainer: Job. 

The hotel entertainer is a job that the hotels look for since the early 1980s. During the years, more and more the work of tourist entertainer had some developments. The touristic entertainer is a job that gives you the opportunity at a young age to make experiences abroad, visit new places, learn new languages ??and have attitudes of different cultures. The task is what the entertainer must do during the day and depends on the professional profile he interprets. For example, the tasks of a miniclub entertainer are to entertain children according to a pre-established program from 9.30 to 12.30; from 15.00 to 18.00; then the 30 minute baby dance and finally the evening show of about 60 minutes. As you can see, his tasks are enclosed in a timetable (about 7 hours and 30) The role is instead the function that an entertainer interprets in a tourist village. In a village there are those who are guests and those who are entertainers. Everyone has his role. 

Hotel Entertainer: Career

Many entertainers work as a seasonal summer job, to earn a little money at the same time have fun and experience. A minority makes a career. Since specific professional training is not usually required, the job of the entertainer can also be carried out by inexperienced staff, provided that it has the appropriate relational qualities.This role can represent the first step in a career in the tourism sector. Possible advances may consist in the role of head of animation activities and also head-village or manager of a receptive structure or head area of a tour operator. It is also possible to pursue a career on their own, opening an animation agency. Those with special gifts can certainly find opportunities in the entertainment world, on television and in the media in general. 

Hotel Entertainer : Duties.

Many consider, superficially, that the mission of the animator and animation is to entertain the guest. This is certainly true, but it is not all here. Organize the fun. In a tourist village hardly fun is a spontaneous fruit. The entertainer must organize, that is to think, plan, create the practical and emotional conditions for the fun to happen. Be a catalyst. The beautiful holidays are also so because we know other people, they make new friends, we open up to the news. A good touristic entertainer therefore knows very well that it is part of his job to make the guests socialize with each other (and not just with the entertainer). Interpreting hospitality. Each accommodation has its own style of hospitality whose interpretation is entrusted to the entertainers. They must therefore be able to interpret that particular style by making the impact on the host harmonious. Solve problems. Work, any job, is by its nature problem solving. If the world were perfect and without problems there would not even need work. So you do not have to be frightened if the tourist entertainer has to solve problems: a beach too small, or too far away, a service too decentralized, a queue at the restaurant ... they are waiting for all his work.

Hotel Entertainer : Skills.

Relationship skills are the essence of work. In addition to these, among the personal qualities we must not forget also a great physical and psychological resistance, a great dynamism and the ability to adapt to the most different situations. Professional training for a tourist animator It is difficult to identify a precise training path, because this profession is very linked to a person's specific skills and interests. If you want to become an entertainer in a specific sector you need to have knowledge about the sector: for example being in possession of instructor diplomas for sports activities, or having attended courses or gained professional experience in theater, music, choreography,for whom intends to specialize in similar activities. As for the tourism industry in particular, there are professional start-up courses. Many agencies offer their prospective employees training periods or internships directly at the workplace.

Hotel Entertainer : Job Description

Chief Entertainers or Team Leader is responsible of all activities of the entertainers. Normally our team are minimum of four team members. 

Choreographers/Dancers. They are responsible to organize the evening show programmes in the resorts, with the ability to teaches the tema members to the choreographies.

Mini Club. Kids Animator is responsible of the kids activities at the hotel.

Sport Animator is responsible for the organization of the sport activities, tournaments of darts,football,table tennis,etc.

Fitness Animator is responsible to organize the fitness activities in the hotel such us pilates, zumba, acquagym etc.

Deejays and technical audio lights is responsible for the audio library in the touristic resort,setting the lights and audio during the evening show. 

Hotel Entertainer: Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae of a hotel entertainer must be filled out exactly from some points of view.First, the photos must be two, the first picture in the foreground and the second full size. Nationality must be specified, another important factor for recruitment especially if you are in Europe. The date of birth must be included for both men and women. Many agencies search for staff exclusively from 18 to 35 years of age. Properties and languages. A part of your curriculum must also be dedicated to this space. Depending on the properties and languages your salary can vary positively. The date of availability. Obviously without the latter the agency can not give an account of the destination and the role to be assigned. 

Hotel Entertainer : Spain , Greece or Bulgary?

Our Hotel Entertainer agency research staff to be work in our resorts in europe. Hotel structures are placed in majority in greece in the islands of rhodes, creete, corfu and kos. Our Entertainers also have the possibility to make the experience in our resorts villages in spain. Hotel structures are located in canary islands, palma of maiorca and minorca. GOLDEN WAVE collaborates with one of the largest tourist german companies in the world. We are responsible for selections for tourist entertainers for hotel in bulgaria sunny beach by the partnership of the company alltours.

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