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Nightlife rhodes greece: Discoclubs

Nightlife rhodes greece: Discoclubs

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The guide is dedicated to the entertainment and leisure facilities in Rhodes, Greece. At the end of this guide you will find our contacts in Rhodes, Greece. The island of Rhodes is one of the most popular islands of Dodecanese. Every year it is increasing the number of tourists from all parts of the world. The different zones of the island is distinguished by different events, parties, discoclubs, bars and restaurants.

Nightlife Rhodes Greece: Discoclubs

Departing from the North of the island and overpassing the area of the airport we arrive at Ialissos and Ixia. The nightlife in this area is dominated by scandinavian and british people. Here is a great variation of local facilities, among which clubs, bars and restaurants with very irish style appearance. Turning on again our motors and travelling for another 10 km we are reaching the city. Here we are starting to breath in the atmosphere of the nightlife of Rhodes and its Bar Street. The famous Bar Street of Rhodes is walkable by feet. Its few hundred of meters long and is full of bars and clubs 90% attended by tourists from North Europe. Walking away from Bar Street we arrive to an impressive wall of the Old City. This place is highly recommended to be visited both in the day and in the night for its unique history and architectural particularities. Its colourful streets present a big variety of local bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. The entertainment inside of the Old City is completely different from the one mentioned before. The Old City of Rhodes is highly attended by greek people, but also by other tourists from all over the world. Let’s say that the nightlife in the Old City can be defined as soft. Almost all the restaurants in the Old City of Rhodes have a traditional menu. Night local places are small and almost all of them are located inside of the walls of the Old City. In this blog we won’t mention the exact names of local places. Nevertheless, we highly recommend to all the players of the “green cloth” to visit the only casino of Dodecanese, situated in 5 minutes’ walk from the Old City. Going out of the Old City and sailing along the cost we take the direction to Kalithea. The hot springs of Kalithea is something magical, both during the day and during the night. The entrance fee for the tourists is not reaching even 10 euros, and can vary in different periods of the year. Also here you can find the possibility to taste traditional greek food, but what makes this place so unique, for sure is its ancient thermal establishement and a vastity of historical places.

Nightlife Rhodes Greece: Discoclubs

It’s time to speak about the most enthusiastic and actively living nightlife place of Rhodes – the famous Faliraki. Faliraki is called a queen of the entertainment and night life of Rhodes. Nightlife in Faliraki is dominated mainly by british people and italian in the summer period. Local places in Faliraki are both open air and closed. Important thing to keep in mind is that Rhodes is an island full of hotels and hosts a very big amount of tourists per year. In some moments the situation may seem very chaotic. Even if the local police is protecting the interests of its tourists and is keeping an order on the island. In fact, until a certain time there is a possibility to enjoy yourself with high music. After this limit, you can anyway continue to enjoy yourself, but in places more cosy and intimate Opening the map, on the distance of just 15 km, we can find Kolimpia that divides the island in two parts. The North part is more populated and the South part has more natural sceneries and landscapes. Kolimpia is mainly visited by german and italian tourists. The night places are mainly bars, but you can still find several restaurants and pizzerias.

The crown for the beaches goes to Tsambika.

Tsambika is the most beautiful and crowded beach of Rhodes. Splendid landscapes and mix of colours that leaves you relaxed during the beautiful days of your vacation. But the nightlife of Rhodes doesn’t finish here. Our trip is almost coming to an end and for the last we visit Lindos. Lindos is characterized by a fantastic Acropolis and is lighted in the night by restaurants, bars and night places. Lindos and Old Town represent the historic and classic excellence of Rhodes. Both with the sun and with the moon Lindos has a breath-taking view. What you can do in Lindos? Everything! Go for a walk, visit Acropolis, drink an aperitive, taste good fresh fish, relax on the beach and in the night enjoy yourself in several night places. Our guide to entertainment and nightlife in Rhodes is finishing here. We hope you will find our advices useful. In case you will be in this zone or you will decide to have more detailed advices on what else you can do in Rhodes, don’t hesitate to contact us by email info@goldenwaveanimation or by telephone number (0030) 6957460186.

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