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Kid's Tourist Entertainer | Jobs abroad

Kid's Entertainer: Jobs abroad

This is Blog Section. To send your Cv and your Application you have to click www.animatorhoteljobs.com. Golden Wave company recruits tourist entertainers for the most important tourism companies in the world. Send us your application through our form and within 24 hours we will contact you for a real job offer. Immediate departure. Minimum Availability 3 months. Salaries between 650 € up to 1200 €. What are you waiting for. Send us your application and you will receive a job offer with the best tourist entertainment companies. No Fee Agency

Kid's Entertainer: Destinations

Kid's Working abroad with us as a Kid's Tourist Entertainer. Golden Wave company is looking for Kid's entertainers specialized in play activities with children. One of the most important areas of entertainment in tourist villages is that of the mini club. Our entertainers are increasingly educated in improving children's holidays in tourist villages.

Golden Wave company, through its sector managers, increasingly tries to update its programs. The research is not aimed exclusively at experienced entertainers. Golden Wave is also looking for kid's entertainer of first experience who want to undertake a new experience abroad in our villages. Our destinations are in particular Greece, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria.  Kid's Tourist Entertainers must have at least the knowledge of a foreign language beyond the mother tongue. Our tourist entertainers must be familiar with English, German, French, Scandinavian or Russian.
If you think you are a tourist animator with these qualities, please send your CV and reach our destinations. Work as a mini club animator first experience in spain, greece, italy or bulgaria.

Kid's Entertainer: Golden Wave

Golden Wave is a company that proposes job offers for tourist entertainers in structures as hotels, resorts and holiday villages abroad during both winter and summer seasons. Leader company in the tourist industry. Golden Wave is in progressive expansion in countries as Italy, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria. The position of tourist entertainer abroad is more and more requested by 5- and 4-star hotel facilities for the entertainment of their users. Golden Wave’s aim is to select, recruit and train tourist entertainers. The tourist entertainer is motivated, doing his/her entertainer job diligently, enjoying him/herself and the others with diurnal and nighttime programs in hotels, resorts and villages.Golden wave is in constant search of tourist entertainers: Chief animator, Fitness entertainer, Children Entertainer, Choreographer for tourist Entertainers,  Sport Entertainers, Entertainers First Experience, mother tongue entertainer in English, french, German.The tourist entertainer abroad in summer season is a very requested job nowadays. With the tourist entertainer job you can make many experiences, like learning new languages and different cultures of other EU- and non- countries. Working in the holiday entertainment industry is also favorable.The Golden Wave tourist entertainer is usually between 18 and 35 years old with a good knowledge of English, French, German, Russian, and Italian languages. Our entertainers travel and enjoy themselves without many expenses. Airplane tickets are normally refunded by our company, food and living expenses are at the expense of the hotel facility.

Kid's Entertainer: Contact Us 


The meeting can be organized in one of our office or in your hotel. It is also possible to meet the responsible of Golden Wave Events & Animation and organize business meeting during following World Tourism Fairs: ITB Berlin,TTG Rimini,BIT Milan.

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