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Tourist Entertainer. Do you speak German?

Tourist Entertainer: German Speaking 

This is Blog Section. To send your Cv and your Application you have to click www.animatorhoteljobs.com. Golden Wave company recruits tourist entertainers for the most important tourism companies in the world. Send us your application through our form and within 24 hours we will contact you for a real job offer. Immediate departure. Minimum Availability 3 months. Salaries between 650 € up to 1200 €. What are you waiting for. Send us your application and you will receive a job offer with the best tourist entertainment companies. No Fee Agency

Tourist Entertainer: Destinations

Golden Wave destinations are constantly spreading all over the EU-ground. With Golden Wave you can become a Tourist entertainer even without experience, and you can receive job offers as Tourist Entertainer Abroad.

Our entertainment operators will have the opportunity to work abroad and candidate for positions as Tourist Entertainer in Spain, Tourist Entertainer in Greece, Tourist Entertainer for Italian holiday villages, Tourist Entertainer in the Canary Ilands, Tourist Entertainer in the Caribbean and many other most touristic  places and countries.

Tourist Entertainer: Job Description

Chief Entertainers or Team Leader is responsible of all activities of the entertainers. Normally our team are minimum of four team members. 

Choreographers/Dancers. They are responsible to organize the evening show programmes in the resorts, with the ability to teaches the tema members to the choreographies.

Mini Club. Kids Animator is responsible of the kids activities at the hotel.

Sport Animator is responsible for the organization of the sport activities, tournaments of darts,football,table tennis,etc.

Fitness Animator is responsible to organize the fitness activities in the hotel such us pilates, zumba, acquagym etc.

Deejays and technical audio lights is responsible for the audio library in the touristic resort,setting the lights and audio during the evening show. 

Tourist Entertainer: German Speaking

The tourist entertainer position is a relatively recent profession. The Tourist Entertainer job is conducted in holiday places like  resorts, holiday villages, hotels, where diurnal and nocturnal entertainment for the tourist in the hotel facility is requested. If you are a tourist entertainer and you speak German you can send us your application form. We are looking for more than 50 animators who speak German in Greece, Spain and Bulgaria. Our company is in cooperation with one of the most important German tour operators in the world tourism market. Work with us we are looking for the following figures: Animation Team Leader, Sports Entertainers, Fitness Entertainers, Mini Club Entertainers, Contact Entertainers, Dancers and Singers.

Tourist Entertainer: Contact us


The meeting can be organized in one of our office or in your hotel. It is also possible to meet the responsible of Golden Wave Events & Animation and organize business meeting during following World Tourism Fairs: ITB Berlin,TTG Rimini,BIT Milan. 

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