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Casting Online | Tourist Entertainer, Hotel Staff.

Casting Online For Hotel Staff and Tourist Entertainer.

Tourist Entertainer and Hotel Staff Video Zoom Meeting Link Click Here

Golden Wave is inviting in a Reunion in Zoom. 

Object: Casting Online 9th March 2022 Entertainers/Hotel Staff

Time: 9 mar 2022 03:00 PM German Time

Enter in the Reunion:Here Entra Qui

ID riunione: 936 0293 5331 Passcode: wYusD6

Tourist Entertainer and Hotel Staff: Casting Online.

Tourist Entertainer and Hotel Staff 2022. As every year we are ready to organize Casting Online through the best social platforms: Zoom or Skype. In this Blog there will always be an updated link for our castings which will have a frequency of every 15 days starting from every 10 January. The figures we are looking for are: Tourist Entertainers, Receptionnist, Guest Relation, Lifeguards for Pool and Sea, Pasta and Pizza Chef, Bartender, Housekeeping.

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Hotel Entertainer, Hotel Staff: Jobs Available Summer 2022

Hotel Entertainer, Hotel Staff: Jobs Available Summer 2022

Golden Wave recruits and hires Entertainers, Pasta Chefs, Pizza makers, Receptionists and Guest Relations. From 1st. February 2022 we invite you to participate in our Interview Day in Zoom. Require the Link here or through our socials. We offer jobs for Greece, Spain and Bulgaria. 

Hotel Entertainer, Hotel Staff: Jobs.  

We are ready to start over with the right energy. After a historic year, starting from 5 February 2022, online interviews and casting will resume in various European cities. We are looking for and recruiting Entertainers, Receptionists,Chef Pasta, pizzaioli and Guest relations for the current summer season. 

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Born in Mantova (Italy) on 31st of March 1976, Cristian Marchi performed for the first time when he was only fourteen. He endorses Pioneer DJ, a brand that’s reference for international clubbing scene and the his dj sets and his productions have a personal sound often called “perfect mix”. Among the firsts to use social networks to stay in touch with who loves his music Youtube has millions of views, on Facebook, he recently opened for Vasco Rossi, the biggest Italian rockstar. In January 2013 House Victim, his podcast / radio show has reached the top ofTunes Italia (Top episodes Music e Top Podcast Music) and it’s broadcasted by many radios all around the world. Thanks to the success of his productions, in recent years he has performed in countries like Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Greece (mostly Mykonos), Switzerland, Poland, Corea and Australia.

His tracks and his remixes, always characterized by contagious energy and are supported by dj’s, radios and music channels all over the world. “We Are Perfect”, his first hit, was released 2007 and his first album, out in 2011 on Universal Music, has the same title. It contains succesful remixes and singles that marked his career: tracks as “Love Sex American Express”, which even today is a slogan by thousands of youths and a reference for many dj’s. Among the hits of Cristian Marchi there are: “Feel the Love” (2008) released for the project Marchi’s Flow and produced with Paolo Sandrini, “I got you”, sung by Max’C, “I Got My Eye On You”, interpreted by popstar Luciana and co-produced with Nari & Milani , and “U got me Rocking” produced with Syke’n’Sugastarr and sung by captivating Lisa Millett. In summer 2013 came out “Let’s F**k Feat. Max’C”, that reached the top of the charts in Spain, France, Poland and in Italy, followed by another hit, “One Night” (Spring 2014).